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Foley and Foley, P.C. is now offering divorce mediation services. We provide a safe and structured environment to negotiate and resolve disputes. You and your spouse can utilize our expertise in a stress-free, impartial space.

Choosing mediation will not only save you the cost and stress of a lengthy court trial, but it will allow you, as parents, to decide your children’s future.

Once an arrangement has been reached, a binding agreement will be drawn up and signed by each parent. This will give everyone involved peace of mind that you are on the same page, the particulars set forth can be easily followed and enforced, and each parent will have the opportunity to develop meaningful, dynamic relationships with their children.

We offer divorce mediation services to help spouses resolve:

What Is a Divorce Mediation Service?

Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to litigation that permits the parties to resolve conflicts with the parties in full control of the decisions and outcome that directly impacts their lives, instead of the lawyers and judges. Mediation allows both spouses to open the lines of communication without animosity to result in lasting, amicable relationships.

It is our mission to devote our time, significant family law experience, and knowledge to create productive discussions in an environment of understanding and cooperation.

Want to learn more about our legal mediation services? Contact us online or call (757) 300-1044 to speak with one of our Norfolk divorce mediators today.

Child Custody Mediation in Virginia

As mediators, we can guide and facilitate a conversation between you and your co-parent as you make a mutually agreeable parenting plan together.

A parenting plan can address any issues you want: visitations, holidays, support, and more. We can teach you how to productively communicate with one another with the sole goal of achieving the best interests for your children.

Child Support Mediation in Virginia

If you need to come to an agreement about child support and want to avoid court, then child support mediation may be right for you. With the guidance of a trained mediator, you will be able to decide for yourselves what amount of child support is needed to meet your child's needs based on your financial situation.

A mediator will help you gather all the necessary documentation and calculate a fair amount of child support based on your expenses and incomes.

Why Choose a Divorce Mediation Service?

Without mediation, the terms of your divorce will most likely be imposed by a judge. Mediation is a fair process which allows both parties to decide for themselves what the best arrangements are for support, property distribution, allocation of assets, debts, and liabilities, as well as custody, visitation, and child support if the parties have children.

As mediators, we are a neutral third party whose singular purpose is to help the parties develop communication skills. These skills can lead to the creation of a fair, lasting agreement that you and your spouse decided on together.

To learn more about our legal mediation services, schedule a meeting with our Norfolk divorce mediation attorneys in the Hampton Roads area by calling us at (757) 300-1044.

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